The Preparations and Expectations of using Periscope

In previous articles we’ve shared tips on how to use periscope as a beginner by elaborating on its features, however being familiar with the features is just one aspect, how do you really use Periscope and what steps should you take before and after broadcasting on Periscope?


670px-Use-Periscope-Step-12 Getting Started

First things first is to get started, there are two ways in which people can interact by using Periscope, watching other people’s live stream and commenting or by broadcasting your own stream. To get started you

  1. Must have a twitter account, if you do not have one just sign up on , its a simply step!
  2. Download the Periscope app to your Apple or Android device
  3. Sign into Periscope using your twitter account
  4. Go ahead and follow people of your interest to see their live streams
  5. Utilize the features and create broadcasts of your own.

Before beginning to broadcast, you can share location (optional), set your chat options and post a link on twitter then it’s show time!


video6 Be Prepared

Since broadcasting is as simple as touching the camera button, entering a title then selecting your audience (whether private or public) and your stream is live there are certain preparations necessary for a successful stream:

  1. If your broadcast is one for business purposes then its very important to ensure your environment is appropriate. Keep clear of distractions and focus on the objectives for that broadcast. However if your stream is less formal and for entertainment purposes then you may want to get into an environment that is less structured as “distractions” may engage your audience even more!
  2. Time limit: Limiting your broadcast to a particular time is something to have in mind before streaming, if it is for business purposes just as though your radio/tv show cannot be too long, your broadcasts on periscope should be the same, short and spicy! This will keep your audience wanting for more.
  3. Be Camera Ready: Ensure that you are always prepared to capture the moments, this ranges from being prepared to engage in activities or even having the periscope app along with you. This is one app you want to ensure you have everywhere you go, so that your audience can live these moments real time with you.


Expectations mediocre

What are the necessary things to expect while using Periscope? This is a very common question as many are concerned about sharing their entire life real time using Periscope. One of the major things to be concerned about and a very hot topic is Privacy. Is it safe to share your life real time? Does Periscope take away from my privacy?

Well, the first thing you must understand is that everything  you do on Periscope is your decision and you can manage the audience of your streams. As with any social media platform and online activity, privacy/ security will always be a concern, but this is totally based upon the user and how much that user is comfortable revealing.

The second concern is the negative feedbacks, once again this is a common issue among social media as we are all entitled to an opinion. Dealing with a feedback on Periscope is just the same as dealing with a feedback on other networks. A negative feedback can either break you or make you and your show better, this you will choose and act accordingly.

The Practicalities

Pretty much, Periscope is a great way to stay connected with your audience. The things you do will solely impact on your outcome, so be mindful and be prepared. Here are some practical advice on using Periscope:


  • Battery hold up:


It is very practical to think of how your battery will hold up while using Periscope. The live streaming is pretty good on Android and Apple regarding battery hold up, as they will not drain your battery excessively.


  • 2015-07-14-10.16.19 Its all in the name:


Ensure that your broadcast has a catchy and engaging title, this way your audience are intrigued to watch. Since Periscope allows you to save a stream for 24 hours or save a stream to upload elsewhere, your title name must be able to work for now and later; including hashtags are very useful.


  • Share:


When you are about to broadcast alive, click on the twitter bird so that your broadcast also goes live on twitter for your followers to join and retweet.



  • Ask for feedback:


Engage your audience to talk to you during the live stream, this may be by giving hearts, commenting during the stream or leaving feedback after the broadcast on Twitter.


  • Safety first:


Ensure that you are comfortable with what you are streaming, do not feed the trolls. Try not to engage in any arguments due to negative feedback, just ignore or block if it is a bother to you. Also, unless comfortable, be wise with sharing your location for example if you are streaming in the night with not many people around, be mindful of sharing your location.


Periscope is a great way to engage the wider community with real time events and boost interaction within your target area. 


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