The Periscope Revelation?


History of the Periscope App

As we now know Periscope is the new live video streaming app from Twitter for iOS and Android. This app was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, where it was reported that Twitter made a $100 million purchase in March 2015.

150520-twitter-periscopeTwitter then officially relaunched this application on March 26, 2015 under its own App Store account for its iOS users. On May 26, 2015 the app was released for Android users.

The Periscope app is growing as the services are available in the mobile application itself as well as on Twitter. The way this works is that whenever you are logged into your twitter account, Periscope users are able to allow others to see tweets with links which will connect them to their live stream.  mashable-periscope-tweet-1

Of course privacy is always a concern, therefore users of Periscope are able to select whether they wish to make their streams public or private (hence only to a few selected followers). Those who follow and continue to view your streams are able to communicate by sharing hearts, which we explained in our previous article 7 Tips on How to Use Periscope for Beginners + Bonus Tip and make comments during and after the streams.

Continuing with the history, Twitter announced the acquisition of their app Periscope after the rival app Meerkat  which is also a streaming app which was debuted at South by Southwest 2015.

The use of video streams can be misappropriated for video piracy, hence so was Periscope. This issue came to the forefront when both Meerkat and Periscope was used to air the boxing match by Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao. Periscope however do have their terms of service specific about rebroadcasting copyrighted content and its violations which can result in suspension or banning of the offending account.

Regarding the history of the app, there is quite a bit of controversy however the one that blew it all was when Max Foster from CNN pioneered the use of the app in journalism in April/May 2015 during his coverage of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge; he also went on to explain on Periscope: Four ways it’s shaking up media – how he used Periscope to drive viewers to CNN.

The Periscope app is still new to the market and there are expectations of massive growth and the prediction of it even being able to change the face of news.

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