fear of scoping

The Fear of Scoping


How to Overcome the Fear 



Ready! Set! Go! * Glups*.. Yes we know that nervous lump in your throat just as you are about to go live on Periscope! This nervousness is often caused by fear, the fear of rejection or thinking that you are going to fail in entertaining your audience etc. Here are a few ways on how to handle the fear that comes along with using Periscope.

Tip #1: Be Prepared!107

This is one tip that we just cannot get enough of, it is always best to be prepared before doing a live broadcast. Being prepared means writing down the main points or topics that you may want to cover with your audience. This should only be give a general idea and format for you to follow and should not be word for word on what to say, as this will only take away from your personality which will increase your fear.                                                      .pubulic-speaking-fear Therefore, it’s always best to have a plan at the same time rolling with the punches and feedback you are receiving! Stick to your topics, be yourself and have fun!


The cool thing about Periscope is the ability to have private broadcast. Do a private broadcast before doing your public scope so that you can become comfortable with the app. To do this:

  1. Click on the lock icon on your screen, this will allow you to choose who you would like to share your broadcast with.
  2. Choose one or two of your trusted friends to participate in your stream
  3. Start Scoping!
  4. Ask for feedback, that way you can analyze yourself and improve next time around.

Tip #3: Charge Up!         How-to-Charge-iPhone-6-Faster

We do not want to have a “Low Battery” sign while broadcasting, to avoid your phone being shut down ensure that you are fully charged before streaming. This will not only prevent losing connection due to low battery, but avoid being restricted to your wall charger while scoping 6XKA2T7QS-HSK1-0-The_Periscope_app_like_Meerkat_allows_anyone_to_stream_live_vide-a-7_1429304416026 before streaming, give the phone a break and charge up!

Tip #4: Its Simple, Don’t Over think it stick-man-thinking-aTeeX46T4

We must realize that we do over think things while broadcasting, such as if our pants is on correctly, is my hair laid? Is my voice is crackly? And the list goes on and on. We must realize that really our viewers want to be entertained so the wrinkle in our pants should be the least of our problems. Be positive, Feel good and you will look great! Confidence is the key!

Tip #5: Its OK to Mess up! BN-HP729_LIVEST_P_20150326194733

One of the best things about Periscope is that the viewers are looking for personality,  and they honestly do not want a robotic and rehearsed personality. Periscope is a way for us to be casual while producing quality to the masses, so be yourself, even if you make a mistake it may turn out to be the funniest thing ever! As said before roll with the punches and develop your own style.

Tip# 5: Know the Rules of Public Speaking 2eda2b27-19b2-4a22-b13d-cd18d01ec482

According to public speaking guru Dale Carnegie there are 10 rules necessary for you to be a good at public speaking, these 10 rules can be applied to Periscope in the following manner:

  1. Know and plan your material
  2. Practice ahead of time
  3. Get to know your audience beforehand (Tweet, retweet and comment)
  4. Get a feel of the space you are going to broadcast
  5. Take some time and relax before broadcasting, get in the frame of mind.
  6. Visualize yourself going Live
  7. Realize that your audience wants what is best for you, they want to see you succeed.
  8. Do not apologize for being nervous
  9. Focus on your message, not your fear
  10. Keep practicing, practice makes perfect!


It is truly believed that carrying out these tips before and during broadcasting live on Periscope will reduce if not totally omit the fear of going live. Ready, Set and Be You!


Check out our equipment page for more on tripods for your phone. Also, Let me know what tips you want to hear about by leaving a Facebook comment below or tweeting me @JessFozard (Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed these tips too!)





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