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So Periscope is now the HIT thing, you may have seen the reviews and preparation tips for beginners but how do you really get started with Periscope? Below you will find step by step instructions on how to start your first scope on Periscope!

Step 1: Open the App and click on the Camera lens icon

The first thing to getting started is of course opening the app, then you want to click on the camera lens icon. For iOS devices this is the third icon from the left  and for Android devices this is the red lens icon above the bottom navigation bar.        Capture

Step 2: Create a Title for your Scope  Title

It is very important to have a compelling, attention grabbing title. The reason for this is because users on Periscope will go through their followers and select either a live broadcast or a replay and they are searching for a broadcast that will trigger an emotion or really stand out among their followers. It is even more important because users also search the global list of Periscope users, hence your broadcasts must be titled appropriately to stand out and trigger actions from Periscope users.

Tip: Use Emojis EEEEmojis-300x300.jpg  and ALL CAPS to raise awareness and grab the attention of others.

Step 3: Share your Location

Sharing your location is totally your decision and whether you are in a comfortable and safe environment. Be thoughtful before turning on your location as this will reveal to viewers where you are broadcasting, however if your broadcast is about a particular location and you’ve implemented the necessary security measures, then go ahead and share!

You may do this by clicking the arrow icon  location

Step 4: Private your Broadcasts

Maybe you want to do a test run? Or maybe you want to share your broadcast with only a few followers. Periscope allows you to do so by clicking on the lock icon Private Scope then checking next to the follower(s) you would like to privately scope.

Step 5: Control your comments

Periscope not only allows you to control your audience for a broadcast but you can also control those who comment on your broadcasts.

This is so by clicking the third icon, comments and this will allow you to choose between allowing only your followers to comment or allowing everyone who watches your broadcast to comment.

Step 6: Retweet Your Scope

On the app you also have the option to retweet your tweet and this will alert your followers on twitter about your broadcast without leaving the app! To do this its as simple as clicking the tweet icon on your screen retweet and then a link to your scope will be sent to the twitter account connected.

Step 7: Get Scop’in

Once you are ready and prepared, start your broadcasts by clicking the ‘Start Broadcast’ button!


Those are the tips to get started, follow this tips and start Scop’in!

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