Is Periscope Good for Business?

How to Use Periscope for Your Business


Periscope is obviously now a sociological phenomenon. It is truly the best live streaming app yet, and is expanding among networks globally.

Whether you are a well established large firm, seasoned business professional or a small business owner; periscope can be very helpful to your business in brand expansion/development and building your credibility. smbg

How can you use Periscope to gain this credibility?

Create Insider Videos hqdefault

One great way is to create insider videos, this is a way to educate your audience about the products or services that you offer. Live demonstration and test trials can be done so that your audience can truly understand what your product/service is about; how to use it, the effects and benefits of doing so. So bring them behind the scenes to see how your company make things happen and show off your expertise!

Question and Answer Sessions photo 1

We just cannot get enough of Q&As, this is a great way to engage your audience. Invite all your followers for this session; always remember the bigger the crowd, the bigger the brand. Use this opportunity to resolve any issues or concerns with your product, be very explicit and friendly while answering these questions. This is a way to bring out the personality that you want your brand to be associated with, so allow that to shine and be comfy on your toes! It’s a great way to build trust and earn respect.

Focus Groups Online_FG_multiplephotos

What if you have a new product to be released? Or you have recently launched a product, app etc and it is in the Beta phase? Conduct a stream, and this will act as your focus group. This will enable your participants/followers to give live feedback on the app, share their tips and vote on what should be next in the development process. Business is not a “one-man-show”, teamwork makes the dream work and the team should include your consumers!

How Tos Stream

hqdefault (1)

DIYs and How Tos are very popular on Youtube today, but what if you could take this a bit further and stream on Periscope? I know this may be a little crazy, since you will be live, but preparation is key and have fun! Having the opportunity of doing DIYs and How Tos on live stream will increase your audience trust drastically, as they are able to see it live and be apart of the process. With this, instead of waiting for after comments, comments can be made live and clarification can be given on spot. This will not only increase trust and engagement but even sales!  increase-sales

If your business generate sales from providing DIYs or How Tos, this will increase the rate at which your audience carry out these activities and steps taught to them, hence increasing your sales.

Expand your Reach UsingSocialMediaEmployerChase

Even though a Twitter account is needed for Periscope app, broadcasting streams is not only limited to Periscope. Businesses can use other social media platforms that they are involved with to engage their audience there and bring them onto the live stream. So share your links photo 1

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even by email sharing is caring!

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