New Periscope Update

New Periscope iOS Update

What’s New in Version 1.1.2Edit Button on Profile

1) From your profile, you can now edit your full name (along with your description and photo).

    • Note there is still no ability to change your Periscope @ handle
    • You can also now see more lines of Bios, limit is 160 characters or less. (Use to be limited to only 3 lines.)
    • This is great as we can now learn more about a scoper from their Bio


2) After tapping on a comment to block someone, that message will appear as blocked (to you only).

    • No more #BlockParties as only the person who does the blocking will see the notification that the person is blocked.
    • Many Scopers are not thrilled with this feature as showing when someone was blocked in chat set a precedence of Scope Etiquette.


3) Redesigned the featured users section, as well as the broadcast share sheet.New Share Screen

    • This makes sharing the scope you’re watching much more user friendly
    • You can share just on Twitter, with all of your followers or with specific followers.
    • There is also a copy link button that enables you to pop over and share the on other social media like Facebook and InstagramNew Share Screen, Copy Link


What do you think of the new update? Leave a facebook comment below or tweet me @JessFozard


Other changes:
– When the keyboard is up, you can now swipe to get rid of it (previously, doing that would exit the broadcast).
– Your username is now visible from your profile.
– Fixed a bug that was causing messages at the beginning of a replay to get held up / out of sync.
– Fixed an audio encoder crash that was happening to certain people while watching a broadcast.
– Improved “Sign In” copy to clarify that you can log back in to an existing account (without creating a new one).
– Fixed a translation bug for Dutch users.
*Android already has some of these features.

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