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How to Use Periscope for Your Show

By Shane Fozard

What are the ways to boost your Radio or TV Show by using Periscope?

Twitter’s new app Periscope is taking the world by storm. If you are still not familiar with Periscope and how to use it check out our last post: 7 more Tips on how to Use Periscope 101 (For Beginners). The cool thing about Periscope is that it allows you to be creative in engaging your audience and boosting engagement within your community for your radio/tv-shows. There are certain key things that are needed for your Periscope broadcasts to be successful. The big question is how can you really engage your audience and leave them wanting more?

Here are a few tips on how to so:

Tip #1: Play Games with your Viewers:Capture

Turn on your Periscope and challenge your viewers! Periscope is a great way to play games in real time with your audience, this may be different for each show, however choose a topic that is trending and then challenge your viewers to answer questions. Prizes aren’t necessary but they sure make it a lot more fun!


Tip #2: Capture Major Events:ai_623

When you are out and about, whether it be a major concert or out to see the release of a new movie, capture the moment and share it with your viewers. Ask engaging questions in the middle of the event, share and comment on the feedback, this is a great way to allow your viewers to live the moment with you and others around you.


Tip #3: Host contest to engage your audience:

One of the cool features about Periscope is that it gives you the option to invite specific users to view your content without having to involve all your followers on Twitter. This is great if you are having a major announcement, hosting a private concert or interview with a celebrity at your studio, not only can you host contest to give away free tickets to be in studio but lucky viewers on Periscope can also be invited to experience this real time! Congrats

Host a contest today and invite all your followers to participate and the lucky winners will earn something exclusive!


Tip #4: Take stunts to the next level:MixxBosses-3

Imagine how to enhance your show, take it to the next level by taking your viewers/listeners behind the scenes. This can even be done during the breaks or commercial sessions that you have on your show. Ensure to keep this engaging and use periscope to recycle the listeners/viewers by “tuning in another day to see whats next.”


Tip #5: Create Extended Versions:CBmp1voUIAEog0T

Creating extended versions is another way to open the floor and answer questions from viewers. If you have a special guest on a show take a couple extra minutes to have an extended version with them, turn on your periscope and let the Q&A session begin! This is a great way to engage your audience.


Tip #6: Make a surprise visit:Edit05-1024x683

How about giving one of your biggest fans a home visit! This is a great moment to capture with Periscope, do a home visit to a lucky fan, create ways to inspire and save this recording for on demand so that they can share this with their friends and social networks.


Tip #7 Make your Live Broadcasts come Alive:16930072836_a27f8101af_k

We understand that live broadcasts aren’t our faves, but what if there is a fun way to do client-based remote broadcast? This can be done by adding extra value with Periscope. This may even generate more sales as you’re doing live broadcasts for these clients. This can be paired with a landing page on your website which would create an avenue for revenue.


Tip #8: Event Interviews:hqdefault

Take Periscope everywhere you go! What a better way to do a live interview with a celebrity on the go? This way you will have an audio for the next day on air, an instant broadcast and a stream on demand so that you can continue getting credit even after the event has passed.


Tip #9: Meet and Greet:93de4c8482bf11e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7

Listeners/Viewers love meet and greet! Organize one today, pop out your Periscope and start to broadcast, this way all your biggest fans can be engaged in the magic of entertaining.


Tips #10: Breaking News:150327_TECH_MeerkatPeriscope.jpg.CROP.original-original

Launch a spontaneous live broadcast throughout the day to feed your viewers with gossip or breaking news, this way you can drive those viewers back to your on-air show.

Check out our equipment page for more on tripods for your phone. Also, Let me know what tips you want to hear about by leaving a Facebook comment below or tweeting me @ShaneDFozard (Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed these tips too!)





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