7 Tips on How to Use Periscope for Beginners + Bonus Tip – Part 1

1) Hearts IMG_7466

  • To make hearts appear tap your screen. 1 tap = 1 heart
  • Broadcasters love lots of hearts!
  • The colour of your heart will correspond to the colour that’s laid over your profile image in the chat and will be different for every scope you join.
  • You can still give hearts on replays too.


To follow click the person icon with the +  Highlighted here in blue.

To follow click the person icon with the +
Highlighted here in blue.

2) Following the Broadcaster

  • iPhone Users: Swipe left to right across the chat section (OR press on the person icon in the right hand corner), it will change screens whilst still playing the broadcast. Then press the button next to their name with a little person icon and + sign.
  • Android Users: Swipe up to follow the broadcaster


3) Scope Etiquette

  • Don’t be gross on the scope.
    This means:

    • no racist, sexist, rude or inappropriate comments
    • no spamming
    • no promoting yourself on another broadcasters scopes (Unless Broadcaster asks you to do so)
    • Send hearts if you enjoy the scope



4) Blocking Gross Scopers

  • To block inappropriate scopers click on their comment then press ‘Block User’
  • To ensure you are blocking the correct person their comment will appear in a grey colour at the top of the pop up after you click on their comment.


5) 24 Hour Replay

  • If you miss a scope the scope will be available for 24 hours after it has ended.
  • You will only see replay available if you follow the broadcaster or go to their profile. Replays are not available from the list or worldview.
  • If the scope is glitchy you can follow that person and watch the replay of that scope which will be of better quality.
  • As a broadcaster you can save your scope to your phone after you have finished the scope. (However, this will not include the comments or hearts)


6) First Image

  • When you begin a broadcast what ever you capture first with your rear-facing camera will become the thumb nail for that scope, so if it’s of a broom, people may not be enticed to watch (unless they enjoy cleaning).
  • Hold an image, photo, etc in front of the rear-facing camera before you press broadcast.
  • All broadcasts start with the rear facing camera, it is not yet possible to start with the front camera.
  • Once you’ve begun, double tap the screen to change to the front-facing camera.


7) Profile Image

  • Don’t be an egghead; people are on periscope to connect an having no profile picture makes it less appealing to connect.
  • The best profile pictures are a nice close portrait picture of you.

Shane Fozard Profile


Bonus Tip!!!

8) Bio

  • Write a bio about yourself. Again leaving it blank makes it less appealing to connect and follow you.
  • Make it a tight bio, tell people what you’re about and what you’ll be streaming.
  • Remember although you can write almost 4 lines, scopers will usually only see 3 lines of your bio.

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