7 Tips Periscope Part2

7 more Tips on how to Use Periscope 101 (For Beginners)

1) More about hearts.

    • You only have 500 hearts to give to the broadcaster of each scope, to give more you need to exit the broadcast them jump back in, this will give you another 500 hearts to give.


Understanding the hearts:

    • The hearts are a social currency that allow others to see if that broadcaster is a good broadcaster. The more hearts the ‘better’ that person is said to be.
    • They can also be a good measuring stick for those choosing to watch replays, if there’s lots of hearts it gives an indication the scope was worth watching.
    • Also, the hearts give the broadcaster live feedback. For example, it allows the broadcaster to know that you are enjoying the content and that they are still live streaming.


2) How to Invite OthersShare Button

As a viewer you can invite others to watch the scope you are watching.

      To invite others:

    • Swipe lift to right on iOS or for Android swipe up
    • Then press the share button.

You then have the option of sharing the scope with your Twitter, all of your followers or select followers. You also have the option to copy the link if you want to post it on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing and Following


3) How to Report Inappropriate Broadcasts

A few of Periscopes guidelines are:

– Do not post pornographic or overtly sexual content
– Do not publish explicitly graphic content or media that is intended to incite violent, illegal or dangerous activities

So if you find an inappropriate or distasteful broadcast to report the broadcast:

For iOSReport Broadcast

  • Swipe lift to right
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page (past the followers)
  • Click ‘Report Broadcast’


For Android

  • Swipe up
  • Click the 3 dots …
  • Click ‘Report Broadcast’


4) How to Reply to Other ViewersReply

When chatting you can reply and answers questions to other viewers.
Instead of typing out their handle (and possibly getting it wrong):

    • Press on their comment
    • Then press reply

This will auto-fill their handle, then you type your reply.


5) How to see other viewers profiles

While watching a scope you might see a viewer commenting and being quite helpful, or the broadcaster might give someone a shout out and suggest you follow them. If you want to see another viewers profile or follow another viewer you can do so while staying in the broadcast.

    • Press on the viewers comment in the chat, and then click “View Profile”
    • From there you will see their bio and be able to follow them if you wish.


6) How to hide chat.Hide Chat

You maybe watching a live concert and the comments keep interrupting the show, you can hide chat by:

    • Swipe lift to right on iOS or for Android swipe up
    • Then press ‘Hide Chat’.


7) How to take notes (without a pen)

There is currently no note taking feature on Periscope. If you’re ever like me where you’re listen/watching a periscope on the run, you are hearing golden information about the topic and want to remember it but find yourself without a pen, then you’ll love this! (Because you can not write notes on your phones note app without leaving periscope either.)

You can type out your note on the chat and then screen shot it. You can choose to press enter and share the note or you can keep it to your self and delete it.



8) If you aren’t scoping on the run then put your phone on a tripod. I haven’t found a tripod that is leaps and bounds above the rest; I just use a good quality tripod from the store. If you are going to do standing broadcasts, make sure you get a 72 inch tripod so it will still be eye level when standing.

Check out our equipment page for more on tripods for your phone.
Let me know what tips you want to hear about by leaving a Facebook comment below or tweeting me @JessFozard (Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed these tips too!)

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