Is Periscope Good for Business?

How to Use Periscope for Your Business Periscope is obviously now a sociological phenomenon. It is truly the best live streaming app yet, and is expanding among networks globally. Whether you are a well established large firm, seasoned business professional or a small business owner; periscope can be very helpful to your business in brand…

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Lets Get Scop’in!

  How to Start a Scope  So Periscope is now the HIT thing, you may have seen the reviews and preparation tips for beginners but how do you really get started with Periscope? Below you will find step by step instructions on how to start your first scope on Periscope! Step 1: Open the App…

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fear of scoping

The Fear of Scoping

  How to Overcome the Fear    Ready! Set! Go! * Glups*.. Yes we know that nervous lump in your throat just as you are about to go live on Periscope! This nervousness is often caused by fear, the fear of rejection or thinking that you are going to fail in entertaining your audience etc.…

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The Periscope Revelation?

History of the Periscope App As we now know Periscope is the new live video streaming app from Twitter for iOS and Android. This app was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, where it was reported that Twitter made a $100 million purchase in March 2015. Twitter then officially relaunched this application on March…

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The Preparations and Expectations of using Periscope

In previous articles we’ve shared tips on how to use periscope as a beginner by elaborating on its features, however being familiar with the features is just one aspect, how do you really use Periscope and what steps should you take before and after broadcasting on Periscope?    Getting Started First things first is to…

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16930072836_a27f8101af_k- edit

How to Use Periscope for Your Show

By Shane Fozard What are the ways to boost your Radio or TV Show by using Periscope? Twitter’s new app Periscope is taking the world by storm. If you are still not familiar with Periscope and how to use it check out our last post: 7 more Tips on how to Use Periscope 101 (For…

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7 Tips Periscope Part2

7 more Tips on how to Use Periscope 101 (For Beginners)

1) More about hearts. You only have 500 hearts to give to the broadcaster of each scope, to give more you need to exit the broadcast them jump back in, this will give you another 500 hearts to give.   Understanding the hearts: The hearts are a social currency that allow others to see if…

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New Periscope Update

New Periscope iOS Update

What’s New in Version 1.1.2 1) From your profile, you can now edit your full name (along with your description and photo). Note there is still no ability to change your Periscope @ handle You can also now see more lines of Bios, limit is 160 characters or less. (Use to be limited to only…

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7 Tips on How to Use Periscope for Beginners + Bonus Tip – Part 1

1) Hearts To make hearts appear tap your screen. 1 tap = 1 heart Broadcasters love lots of hearts! The colour of your heart will correspond to the colour that’s laid over your profile image in the chat and will be different for every scope you join. You can still give hearts on replays too.…

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